FAQ: Who Is The Biggest Tech Exporter?

Who is the largest exporter in 2020?

Not only is China the world’s largest exporter, but it is also the largest trading nation in terms of its net balance of trade.

Which country exports the most?

China. Aside from the European Union, China is the world’s largest exporter. In 2017, China exported an estimated $2.16 trillion worth of goods and services, primarily electronic equipment and machinery.

What country exports the most technology?

China is the top country by high-technology exports in the world. As of 2019, high-technology exports in China was 715,843 million US dollars that accounts for 24.98% of the world’s high-technology exports.

What 5 countries do we import the most from?

The top five suppliers of U.S. goods imports in 2019 were: China ($452 billion), Mexico ($358 billion), Canada ($319 billion), Japan ($144 billion), and Germany ($128 billion). U.S. goods imports from the European Union 27 were $515 billion. The United States is the largest services exporter in the world.

What is the most exported good in the world?

The 10 Most Exported Products in the World

  1. Cars ($699.8 billion)
  2. Crude oil ($655.3 billion)
  3. Integrated circuits, microassemblies ($531.9 billion)
  4. Phone system devices ($509.1 billion)
  5. Processed petroleum oils ($499.2 billion)
  6. Auto parts and accessories ($361.9 billion)
  7. Gold (unwrought) ($327.6 billion)
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Who is the largest importer in the world?

In 2019, the U.S. were the leading import country in the world with an import value of about 2.57 trillion US dollars. Import and export are generally important pillars of a country’s economy. The trade balance of a country shows the relationship between the values of a country’s imports and exports.

Who is the top importer for computers?

Germany is the top country by computer services imports in the world.

Which country makes the best computers?

Computers: Top 15 Countries in PCs-in-Use

  • U.S. 264.1. 22.19%
  • China. 98.67. 8.29.
  • Japan. 86.22. 7.24.
  • Germany. 61.96. 5.21.
  • UK. 47.04. 3.95.
  • France. 43.11. 3.62.
  • Russia. 36.42. 3.06.
  • Italy. 35.69. 3.00.

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