Often asked: Seinfeld Importer Exporter What Does He Export?

What does George import and export?

Imports: Latex or Chips (some potato, some corn). Exports: Latex or Diapers or Long matches. 4. hemightberob.

What is Art Vandelay?

Art Vandelay: Architect Page 1 of 2. Art Vandelay is a fictitious person who George features in his various lies. Art Vandelay is said to be an architect, a profession which George often claims an interest in, while Vandelay Industries is involved in latex.

What does Vandelay mean?

Vandelay Industries is a fictional company that George Costanza claims to have been interviewed for as a latex salesman in when applying for an extension at the unemployment office in the Season Three episode, “The Boyfriend, Part 1”.

Is Vandelay Industries a real company?

Vandelay Industries is a real technology consulting firm in California named after a latex products company George Costanza makes up in an episode of Seinfeld. There is a real company by that name.

Is friends a copy of Seinfeld?

There are no major things that have been copied by Friends. But yes, as you mentioned there are certain instances, sub plots, characters and a few lines that seem to have been taken from Seinfeld. But of course they’re slightly changed to fit the general tone of the show.

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Does George get married Seinfeld?

In the season 7 Curb Your Enthusiasm episode “Seinfeld”, George has married (and divorced) a woman named Amanda in the time since the finale.

Where did Art Vandelay come from?

Art Vandelay is a fictional character that George invents when in a job interview, claiming to have worked for him at Vandelay Industries. George first forms Art Vandelay in ” The Stake Out “; however, he made the name Art Corvelay, and quickly swaps to Vandelay when he forgets the fake last name.

How much did Kramer make from Seinfeld?

How much did Kramer make from Seinfeld? They ended up receiving $600,000 per episode for the show’s final season, which worked out to around $15 million a piece. That’s the same as earning around $24 million today.

What female body part does Dolores rhyme with in Seinfeld?

Jerry guesses Mulva, causing her to storm out of his apartment. Moments after she leaves, in a flash of insight, Jerry runs to the window and yells “Dolores!” (rhyming with a common pronunciation of clitoris ).

Is George Costanza an architect?

Occasionally he was “Art Vandelay of Vandelay Industries, an exporter-importer,” but most memorably for me, George became “ Art Vandelay, architect.” “I designed the addition to the Guggenheim Museum,” he boasted at one point.

What name rhymes with a female body part?

In the Seinfeld episode “The Junior Mints” Jerry is going out with a girl whose name he can’t remember, who tells him that it rhymes with a part of the female anatomy. Later we discover that her name is Dolores.

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What is kramerica?

Kramerica Industries is Kramer’s fictional corporation. It has been the umbrella company for efforts such as a “make your own pie” pizza restaurant and an oil bladder system.

What was George Costanza’s architect name?

For those not well versed in the show about nothing’s running gags, Art Vandelay, a phony architect, was the alias of George Costanza. Vandelay Industries later became a fictional company on the show.

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