Quick Answer: How To Send A Redstone Signal To The Exporter Refined Storage?

What does the detector do in refined storage?

The Detector is a block that emits a redstone signal if an item or fluid count matches a given amount. It is also possible to be NBT or damage sensitive.

How do I export refined storage?

If you want to get items out of your storage network, use an Exporter and connect it to an inventory where you want to export to. Configure the filter slots of the Exporter to the items you want to export.

How do I use autocraft with refined storage?

You can do this by clicking on the item you want to autocraft. If the item is already available and you want to request more of that item, you can use the CTRL + SHIFT key combination to open the crafting window. When requesting an item, Refined Storage will first ask how many of that item you want to craft.

How do I use refined storage patterns?

The Foundation

  1. Start by having a working Refined Storage setup.
  2. Make some Patterns and put them in the pattern slot as illustrated.
  3. Put a piece of Oak Wood in the crafting grid.
  4. Click the Create Pattern button.
  5. Hover your mouse pointer over the pattern.
  6. Place your pattern in a Crafter.

How do you filter refined storage?

The Filter is an item that can be used in any Grid. In the Filter’s GUI, which can be opened by pressing right click while holding the filter in hand, the player can specify which items and fluids can be visible.

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Does extra storage work with refined storage?

Using an External Storage alongside other storages When you insert or extract an item from the storage network, Refined Storage will extract or insert from the storage with the highest priority first. Simply give a storage a higher priority than the other one, and Refined Storage will prioritize correctly.

Can you have multiple disk drives refined storage?

The Disk Drive holds any combination of to eight Storage Disks or Fluid Storage Disks. Using the configuration options in the GUI, the player can adjust the priority of the Disk Drive, whitelist and blacklist certain items and fluids by type, NBT, damage or Ore Diction and also void excess items.

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