Quick Answer: How To Use An Exporter Refined Storage?

How do you pull items from refined storage?

If you want to get items out of your storage network, use an Exporter and connect it to an inventory where you want to export to. Configure the filter slots of the Exporter to the items you want to export.

How do you use refined storage blocks?

The Storage Block is a block that provides the system with storage. It is similar to the Storage Disk, but can be placed in the world. Sneak and right click while holding the empty Storage Block to retrieve the various parts back:

  1. The corresponding Storage Part.
  2. Basic Processor.
  3. Machine Casing.

How do you import liquid into refined storage?

Click a fluid container (like a filled bucket) in the “Out” slot to configure the output fluid. Use left or right click on the fluid to change the mB amount. Use shift to clear the fluid slot. You can also interact with the output tank by using pipes from other mods.

How do I power a refined storage controller?

The Controller accepts Redstone Flux and Forge Energy power supplies. Right-clicking the Controller will open the GUI that displays all connected devices and the level of power usage. As with most Refined Storage devices, it can be disabled or enabled via Redstone if configured to do so.

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How do I use autocraft with refined storage?

You can do this by clicking on the item you want to autocraft. If the item is already available and you want to request more of that item, you can use the CTRL + SHIFT key combination to open the crafting window. When requesting an item, Refined Storage will first ask how many of that item you want to craft.

How do you charge wireless grid refined storage?

To use the Wireless Grid the item needs Forge Energy. You’ll have to charge it in a block that charges items from another mod. After doing all these steps, the Wireless Grid is still missing a signal from the storage network. Add at least 1 Wireless Transmitter to the network to get a basic range of 16 blocks.

What does refined storage Do?

Refined Storage is a mod created by raoulvdberge with art by CyanideX and contributions from Way2muchnoise. It adds various blocks and items used for network-based, digital storage and management of items and fluids, inspired by Applied Energistics.

Can you pipe items into refined storage?

These items can be piped out through a piping system from another mod, hoppers, etc. It can be configured to be NBT or damage sensitive.

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