Readers ask: Maya 2016 How To Enable Game Exporter?

How do I get game exporter in Maya?

Note: Game Exporter is available as an automatically loaded plug-in in Maya. If you need to load the tool manually, for example if you don’t see Game Exporter listed in the File menu, load the gameFbxExporter plug-in using the Plug-in Manager ( Windows > Settings/Preferences > Plug-in Manager).

Why is it beneficial to use the game exporter in Maya rather than exporting an FBX manually?

The Game Exporter provides a streamlined FBX export workflow for sending models and animation clips to your game engine. Each tab exposes a minimal set of FBX options, letting you export assets without needing to understand or change too many settings.

How do I enable FBX export in Maya?

For information about general export options, see Export All/Selection Options. To view the File Type Specific options for FBX: Select File > Export All/Export Selected and choose FBX Export or FBX_DAE Export from the File Type drop down.

Where is Export selection option in Maya?

Use these options to set what happens when you select File > Export All or File > Export Selection. See also Export objects to a new file.

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Where is Maya Plugin Manager?

In the main menu bar, select Windows > Settings/Preferences > Plug-in Manager.

How do I use FBX exporter?

Use Export To FBX (menu: GameObject > Export To FBX) to manually export GameObject hierarchies to an FBX file. The FBX Exporter exports selected objects and their descendants to a single FBX file. However, if you select both a parent and a descendant, only the parent’s hierarchy is exported.

Why can’t I export FBX Maya?

FBX does not support the export of every Maya attribute, for example the SmoothDrawType attribute. If the FBX plug-in encounters an attribute that it does not support when exporting, it resets the attribute to its default value on re-import. To export your Maya scene: Launch Maya.

Can you export textures from Maya?

You can export graphics from Maya in the FBX format. To export certain elements of your design, such as geometry, animations, and textures, you need to adjust the settings for FBX exports under File Type Specific Options in Maya export options.

How do I export a scene in Maya?

Export the selected objects to a file. Select File > Export Selection. Export the scene to a specific file format. Select File > Export All.

How do I share files in Maya?

To share a project and any associated non-project files, use the Archive feature ( File > Archive Scene) to compress it. See Archive a scene.

How do I export lights in Maya?

Select File > Export Light Groups from the Light Editor. Select File > Export Light Editor Light Groups from the Render Setup editor. Click in the Scene > Lights section of the Render Setup editor. Select File > Export All to export your entire Render Setup, which includes the light groups in your scene.

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How do I import a scene into Maya?


  1. Select File > Import, then browse to select the file and click Import.
  2. (Optional) To set file format import options, either use the Options panel in the Import browser, or select File > Import > to open the Import Options.

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