Readers ask: Refined Storage What Storage Does Exporter Work With?

How does the Exporter work refined storage?

The Exporter extracts items or fluids from the storage network and inserts it in the inventory or tank in front of it. Before being able to export anything, the player has to choose the items or fluids to export. The chosen items can be configured to be NBT or damage sensitive.

How do I export from refined storage?

If you want to get items out of your storage network, use an Exporter and connect it to an inventory where you want to export to. Configure the filter slots of the Exporter to the items you want to export.

Can you autocraft with refined storage?

Refined Storage is also able to autocraft with fluids. The process described above can be slightly simplified by putting a Fluid Interface on the output of the Magma Crucible. Create recipes using a filled bucket as normal. The Crafter will substitute stored fluids as needed.

How do you filter refined storage?

The Filter is an item that can be used in any Grid. In the Filter’s GUI, which can be opened by pressing right click while holding the filter in hand, the player can specify which items and fluids can be visible.

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How do you power a refined storage controller?

The Controller accepts Redstone Flux and Forge Energy power supplies. Right-clicking the Controller will open the GUI that displays all connected devices and the level of power usage. As with most Refined Storage devices, it can be disabled or enabled via Redstone if configured to do so.

Can you pipe items into refined storage?

These items can be piped out through a piping system from another mod, hoppers, etc. It can be configured to be NBT or damage sensitive.

How do I force start refined storage?

You can use ctrl + shift click to force crafting. RS autocrafting waits for results to appear in the system.

How do I remove a refined storage pattern?

Use SHIFT + right click in your inventory while holding the Pattern to clear it. You can also override the Pattern in the Pattern Grid.

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