What Year Was Uzbekistan 2nd Largest Cotton Exporter?

What year was the most cotton produced in Uzbekistan?

In an economy which is the 82nd largest in the world, the role of cotton is crucial for Uzbekistan. But its production has declined over the years. Cotton production peaked in 1988 to 8,000 bales and as of 2012 is around 4500 bales (1 million tons).

Where does Uzbekistan rank in cotton exporting?

Uzbekistan is seventh by the volume of cotton consumed in the world, after China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkey and Vietnam. However, Uzbekistan did not rank among the top-eight cotton – exporting countries. Among the leaders in this ranking are the US, Brazil, India, Australia, Benin and others.

What led to Uzbekistan’s rise and fall of its cotton industry?

This rise was made possible by two main factors, the expansion of irrigated area and Soviet central planning. Since the disintegration of the Soviet Union and independence of Uzbekistan in 1991, the politics of Uzbek cotton have simultaneously seen both inertia and change.

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What was the USSR’s goal with cotton production in Uzbekistan?

The goal was to flood land that had formerly been desert pasture in an attempt to create suitable fields for rice and cotton. Rice to feed the people and cotton to serve as a cash crop.

Who produces the most cotton in the world?

Currently, India is the world’s leading producer of cotton, surpassing China recently. Although yields in India are well below the global average, cotton area in India dwarfs that of any other country, accounting for approximately 40 percent of the world total.

Is there slavery in Uzbekistan?

The government in Tashkent uses one of the world’s largest state-sponsored systems of forced labor to harvest Uzbek cotton. With its forced labor in the cotton fields, Uzbekistan also was estimated to be the world’s second-worst country when ranked by the prevalence of slavery in proportion to the population.

What is the religion of Uzbekistan?

BACKGROUND. Uzbekistan is more than 80 percent Muslim. The majority of the country’s Muslims are Sunni and regard themselves as followers of the Hannafi branch of Sunnism. In the Stalin era, Muslim clerics suffered persecution, as did Christian clerics throughout the Soviet Union, because they opposed the Soviet regime

What does Uzbekistan import the most?

Yearly Imports The most recent imports of Uzbekistan are led by Vehicle Parts ($952M), Packaged Medicaments ($740M), Refined Petroleum ($548M), Cars ($544M), and Planes, Helicopters, and/or Spacecraft ($493M).

What does Uzbekistan export to India?

India’s import from Uzbekistan consist largely of fruit and vegetable products, services, fertilizers, juice products and extracts, and lubricants.

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What companies use Uzbekistan cotton?

‘Uzbek cotton pledge’ Corporate pressure began to build in 2011, when more than 60 of the biggest names in the clothing business, including Walmart Inc., Burberry Group PLC, The Gap Inc.

What is the history of Uzbekistan?

Uzbekistan’s heritage goes back about 2,500 years. In addition to its economic importance, this territory flourished as the medieval intellectual center of the Muslim world. Russian trade with this region grew during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and, in 1865, Russian troops occupied Tashkent.

Do they grow cotton in Russia?

According to experts of the Russian Ministry of Agriculture, cotton yields in the majority of Russian regions are comparable with Uzbek yields, estimated at 9 to 10 bales per hectare and even higher than those of other Central Asian countries. These cotton varieties will be sown in the North Caucasus.

What type of government does Uzbekistan have?

The Republic of Uzbekistan is a presidential constitutional republic, whereby the President of Uzbekistan is head of state. Executive power is exercised by the government and by Prime Minister of Uzbekistan. Legislative power is vested in the two chambers of the Oliy Majlis, the Senate and the Legislative Chamber.

Where is Uzbek?

Uzbekistan is a landlocked country in Central Asia, with a total area of 447 400 km2. It is bordered in the west by Kazakhstan, in the northeast by the Aral Sea, in the north by Kazakhstan, in the east by Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, and in the south by Afghanistan and Turkmenistan.

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